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Hi there! Barefoot Moe here, and I simply LOVE being barefoot everywhere – yes even at work and on the streets! Being barefoot (or at least shoeless) feels great. Turns out it’s also very healthy, for one’s feet as well as the rest of our bodies.

I have been indulging in the pleasures and benefits of a barefoot lifestyle since I was in my early 20′s. I’m now in my 40′s and my feet stay bare about 95% of the time, year-round.

I also have a great admiration for men who share my interest for bare or socked feet. This blog is dedicated to celebrate that aspect of my lifestyle by sharing the images, videos and writings that captivate my imagination and give me inspiration to continue to indulge in my lifestyle choice.

Curious to know how I became a barefooter? Check my full story here »

PLEASE NOTE: Most material shown in this site is “recycled” from other websites. If there are any infringements to any copyright, by displaying any of these items on my blog, they are purely unintentional. If you are the legitimate owner of any of the material showcased in this site and wish to have it removed, please contact me indicating the entry date, as well the item(s) in question and I will be more than happy to delete them from the site.

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